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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Christmas Jams: Bananarama "Baby It's Christmas"

Boy am I a dumb ho for sleeping on the fact that Bananarama's super-classy high-energy holiday jam "Baby It's Christmas" has been available on U.S. itunes (and the Amazon MP3 store)—in both radio edit and Ian Masterson extended mix—for about a month now. Jesus.

I figured this hotness would only see the light of day in the UK (its due out there on iTunes and other digital stores this coming Monday). Here in the states both versions are included on the two-part compilation Super Christmas Dance Party, Vol. 3.

I love how the melody is basically directly lifted from "Love Pains" (something more evident in the intro to the extended mix.)

And fuck Mariah's hollow Xmas hits—these two broads and their 1.4-octave range are the ones making my tree gyrate this year!

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