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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

It's Daft Punk's Official "Derezzed" Video

Daft Punk's official video for "Derezzed", their single off the TRON: Legacy soundtrack, premiered today. I'd just like to state that I'm not one of these people who get all Viagra-stiff over the mere mention of TRON, either. I remember seeing that movie advertised on the back of comic books I'd be reading back when it was out in the early '80s and thinking, "Tacky."

So years later I rented it on DVD to see why everyone's panties were up themselves, and started filing my nails halfway through because it was so boring.

As for Daft Punk, Discovery was my be-all, end-all album of 2001 (well, until the import of Kylie's Fever landed in my hands at the end of the year). The minimalistic Human After All, however, was an utter disappointment when it arrived four years later.

So I'm split down the middle. Maybe the TRON: Legacy soundtrack (out today) will tip either way? Until then, here's "Derezzed":



  • At 5:56 PM, Anonymous bash18 said…

    I got hard over the soundtrack. In fact, I was stroking an erection while watching the video but I don't care about the movie.

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