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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ke$ha And I Are Breaking Up

I must admit, I may have reached Ke$ha overload. Cannibal has failed to live up to the giddy, guilty pleasures of its predecessor, Animal—maybe its just too much of the same ol' glitter/party/drunk talk? Or maybe I just haven't spent enough time with the not-quite album.

Regardless, Lady $ covers Billboard's year-end "Year In Music" issue, with the giant headline "Why Pop Rules" stamped across her booze-drenched thighs.

Here's a choice quote from her Q&A with the publication:
"I pretty much feel like I've been reborn into this completely different existence. My entire life has become making music and playing shows, and I love it. I've accepted the fact that my fans are now my family, and I won't be having boyfriends. I'll just be having a really amazing relationship with the radio."
 Anyway, who knows—maybe we'll get back together, Ke$ha and I. The holidays, after all, do tend to get lonely.

Till then, here she is covering the Rolling Stones' Sticky Fingers jam "Dead Flowers":



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