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Thursday, December 16, 2010

U.S. Chart Roundup: The Black Eyed Peas Sink, Duffy Flops And Enrique Keeps Fuckin'

Katy Perry's "Firework"—an enormously mediocre follow-up to "Teenage Dream"—is #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 once again, thus breaking the weekly turnover we'd seen at the top of the chart over the prior six weeks. "Firework" is also the final #1 single the Hot 100 in 2010 (the new chart is dated December 25).

Meanwhile, thankfully the Black Eyed Peas' "The Time (Dirty Bit)"—a Chart Rigger 10 Worst Singles Of 2010 honoree—has begun to slide down the Top 10 (this week from #4 to #8). Their rushed, shit album The Beginning also takes a dive over on the Top 200, and drops from #6 to #16. Our UK friends weren't so lucky, however—"The Time" is currently the #1 single across the pond.

Speaking of our friends overseas and the album chart, two ladies from the United Kingdom fare rather poorly here in the States with their latest LPs. Duffy's sophomore effort Endlessly limps in at #72 like an aged prostitute after a skiing accident (and you know the type of poles I'm referring to, chyldryn) checking into the free clinic.

And then there's Natasha Bedingfield, whose third album Strip Me crashes and burns at #103 after the Ryan Tedder/Wayne Wilkins-produced title track that sounds exactly like Jordin Sparks' "Battlefield" failed to catch on at radio (although it does re-enter the Hot 100 this week at #91).

Poor Nat. She should just resort to selling naked photos of her brother's butt from the period when he was hot to people like me. I'd pay at least a dollar for that shit!

Back on the Hot 100, two dance jams begin to inch their way toward the upper reaches of the chart: Enrique Iglesias' "Tonight (I'm Fuckin' You)" moves from #20 to #15, while Edward Maya and Vika Jigulina's "Stereo Love" is up from #24 to #19.

Finally, Adele's "Rolling In The Deep" debuts at #68. So there, Duffy.

The U.S. Top 10:

1. "Firework" - Katy Perry *2 weeks*
2. "What's My Name" - Rihanna feat. Drake
3. "Grenade" - Bruno Mars
4. "Raise Your Glass" - Pink
5. "We R Who We R" - Ke$ha 
6. "Only Girl (In The World)" - Rihanna 
7. "Just The Way You Are" - Bruno Mars
8. "The Time (The Dirty Bit)" - The Black Eyed Peas 
9. "Just A Dream" - Nelly
10. "Bottoms Up" - Trey Songz feat. Nicki Minaj

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  • At 11:41 AM, Blogger wpmsd said…

    Natasha Bedingfield's Strip Me was a poor choice for a single. I guess there's the titillation factor of having "strip" in the title. Ooooooh. "Touch" which was a hit in the UK I think, is far superior.

  • At 1:01 PM, Blogger Joshua said…

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • At 1:16 PM, Blogger Joshua said…

    UHMM Fireworks is a hecka good song!

    At least it's the song that finally strapped me onto Katy's immaculately waxed back like a hapless Indian papoose :(

    (I actually listened to her two albums this past weekend. I laughed to keep from crying)

  • At 2:08 PM, Anonymous shaun said…

    Duffy needed WAY more in the way of promotion. I didn't even see any ads during the VH1 Top 20, which, yes, I admit I watch every Saturday morning while sipping my coffee and talking to my dog (this is what happens when you don't have children).

  • At 8:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    A) Who the fuck knew Natasha Bedingfield was releasing a new album? WTF. Where has she even been? WHAT? I thought she was retired, or just over~
    B) How the fuck is Bottoms Up still in the Top 10? WTF.
    C) Ugh, Katy Perry. Disgusting.
    D) Poor Duffy :( Such a talent.

  • At 1:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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