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Monday, January 10, 2011

Britney Spears' Album Release Date: March 15?

We've all been warned by Weaveney's manager to take any information not coming from the singer's official site with a grain of salt. But what the hell—"Hold It Against Me" has leaked, and the Internet has caught a severe case of The Spears.

Pink Is The New Blog noted today that Sony made a bit of a boo boo by initially putting up The Weaved One's upcoming seventh studio album for pre-order, along with a March 15 release date (which has since been removed).

Whether or not that date sticks—if it ever was firm to begin with—is irrelevant. The coming weeks will see a series of Britney-sized waves rolling across Planet Pop: her album title! Her new video! Her album cover! The track list! The second single! Her crooked weave sliding off her head outside Rite Aid!

And each of those will no doubt be preceded with rumors, false information and screaming gays wetting themselves all over their keyboards.

One thing, however, is certain—someone in the digital dept. at Sony probably got a pretty harsh spanking.



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