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Monday, January 17, 2011

Daniel Bedingfield: Still A Hot Bounce

There was a time when early '00s pop singer Daniel Bedingfield frequently got the engine D'luv revving.

But ever since he had a car accident then put out a not-so-hot sophomore album in 2004, he appeared to have fucked off the pop culture radar—until YNetNews.com posted an article this morning, which seems to indicate Daniel has been crashing on couches and performing with various Israeli musicians.

Says Bedingfield:
"I'm filming a YouTube documentary for the Stop The Traffik campaign against human trafficking. After Israel, I'm flying to London, Amsterdam, then to my apartment in Los Angeles, where my sister Natasha lives, then Kingston, Jamaica and Berlin. Everywhere I go, want to meet local musicians, sleep in their houses, connect with them, be affected by their mood and live with them."
Classy! Yeah, I know where Natasha lives in L.A., right in that complex that also houses Michelle Williams of Blue Valentine/Heath Ledger baby fame. (Oh, the irony...)

Don't think I won't be standing outside with a "For Sale" sign around my neck when you breeze into town, buster.

Meanwhile, total jam (the "Metro Mix," of course)...



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