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Monday, February 21, 2011

Well, Now We Know Why David Archuleta Isn't On That 'Idol' Greatest Hits Album...

...because his label hates him. Well, okay, maybe that's not the reason David Archuleta, who I affectionately used to refer to as Baby Queen (said with love!) here on CR, doesn't show up on the upcoming American Idol 10th Anniversary - The Hits compilation, despite having had a Platinum-selling hit with "Crush" in 2008.

Still, Archie has reportedly been dropped by not only his label, Jive, but also his management company. And, really, things weren't looking so hot when his sophomore LP The Other Side Of Down was released in October last year. There appeared to be minor promo set up for the poor guy—he appeared on The Wendy Williams Show (low rent) and Live! With Regis And Kelly (zzzzzz), while a Today Show appearance (a biggie) was canceled last minute.

Billboard reported on Friday that The Other Side Of Down has sold only 67,000 copies, compared to the 765,000 shifted by his self-titled debut. Archuleta came in second to David Cook (quadruple snooze) in the 2008 season of American Idol.

Here's the poor guy in much happier times, when "Crush" was played for the first time on New York's Z100 three years ago:

Baby Queen tweeted the following, post-drop: "Thanks for the support you continue to show! Means a lot. Just wanted to check in [and] let you know things are going where I feel they should."

Well, I'll just repeat what I said when "Crush" landed on Chart Rigger's 10 Best Singles Of 2008 list: "Someday, when you're old enough, Archie, a big male stripper is gonna crush your head like a peanut between his thighs."

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  • At 12:50 AM, Blogger Moogaboo said…

    Aww. Well, if "things are going where I feel they should" in regards to the big males stripper's thighs, I'm happy for him.


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