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Monday, April 25, 2011

I've Finally Come To Grips With Shayne Ward And Joe McElderry Being Dropped

How depressing that 2009 X Factor winner Joe McElderry put out a fairly rad (if not a little heavy on covers) solo album this past fall and has already been dropped by Simon Cowell's Syco label. Equally depressing: 2005 X Factor winner Shayne Ward put out a surprisingly-defining sophomore album in 2007, though — let's face it — only slightly listenable third LP in November and, like little Joe, has been dumped by Cowell.

(Let's all cheer ourselves up by looking at this completely naked pic of Shayne, shall we?)

A interesting read in the Daily Mail about both out-on-their-ear lads and the way the Syco machine supposedly works was posted on Saturday.

The gist of it: "It almost doesn’t matter if one act fails to sell records, because there is going to be another television show with a raft of new acts to sign. Simon Cowell and his record label are harsh. But that’s showbiz."

At any rate Shayne tweeted the following over the past week
"To all my Fans I am great! Remember Business is business! 1 door closed, A Thousand more will open. :-)"

"I'm looking forward to what lies ahead over summer! Exciting times. Fix up look sharp.- #newchapter"
Good for him. With abs pecs an ass positivity like that, he'll land on his feet. Though, if he landed on his back in bed on the set of some porn production in the meantime, well...

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