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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Scotty McCreery Wins 'American Idol', But What The Hell Was Up With TLC?

I haven't mentioned American Idol much around these parts this season because, quite frankly, I've been recapping it for Idolator for the past two years and am pretty American Idoled out when the day is done. But I will say that, like a lot of people, I had this year pegged as being a Scotty McCreery-James Durbin finale.

Lauren Alaina is sweet and obviously talented, and I guess that's what got her to the runner-up position. But the real question is this: is she boinking Scotty on the side? It never crossed my mind until last night's final episode, when McCreery was crowned the winner and he mumbled something about the two of them sticking together. Then she kissed him (on the cheek) a bunch of times. Hmmm.

Anyway, as for all the guest performances, that medley by TLC was kind of a train wreck, no? Why were they lip syncing? T-Boz clearly looked disappointed when it was all over. She also looked out of breath and out of shape, the poor doll. Had no idea about her health issues in the past few years. Very surprised they did the performance.

Oh, well, "No Scrubs" and "Creep" are still my jams.

TLC, "No Scrubs/Waterfalls" on American Idol

Lady Gaga, "The Edge Of Glory" on American Idol

Beyonce's new single "1 + 1" (so boring, it's destined to flop harder than "Run The World (Girls)") on American Idol

Reeve Carney feat. Bono & The Edge, "Rise Above 1" (I like this jam)

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  • At 11:49 AM, Blogger Joshua said…

    OMG I love TLC so so much but that was sort of a let down... Whyyy lipsynching? :( Unless they sound that pristine, which I doubt. To be fair, T-Boz did have brain cancer a few years ago, and she's still battling sickle cell anemia. :(

    Also 1+1 "so boring, it's destined to flop harder than "Run The World (Girls)"

    I can see two outcomes:
    2) This is still going the way of Deja Vu/Ring The Alarm/Irreplaceable. The third single will go to Number 1 for 10 weeks and cause her to release a Germanglish deluxe diamond edition CD with a full-length movie utilizing each and every single song on the CD... but backwards in double-speed.

  • At 2:29 PM, Blogger Paul said…

    i am frankly amazed that they had time to fit any of the contestants performances onto the show!!

  • At 2:58 PM, Blogger Andrew said…

    Im sorry but if anyone deserves a "Bionic Flop" it would be Beyonce! I have never liked her music, Irreplaceable may have been ok but that is about it. I wonder how she would handle it considering i think she is more of a diva than Xtina haha.

  • At 4:33 PM, Blogger D'luv said…

    Joshua, I had NO idea about T-Boz's more recent health issues! I feel like a chump. Still, surprised she agreed to do the performance :/

    Paul, right? By the time they rolled around to announcing the winner, I'd all but forgotten about Scotty and Lauren.

    Andrew, I'm picturing lots of people in her camp getting weave whippings! Weavelash!


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