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Friday, June 10, 2011

In Defense Of Take That's 'Progressed' Track "Man"

I was gifted with an early copy of Take That's Progressed, which is out on Monday in the UK, and I'm just now listening to it.

I will note that I was disheartened to read usually-trusty Popjustice's quip on the track "Man" the other day: "This sounds like most of the bangers on Progress, except it's no good. Should it have been on the main album? NO"

Upon hearing the snippets of the That's new tunes last week on Amazon UK, "Man" seemed to me to be an early favorite with the most potential to make me go for endless walks through the city streets with my iPod on, breezing past all the Yankee commoners not aware of Take That's sheer brilliance.

I'm happy to report that Popjustice got it wrong. Should it have been on the main album? YES. I, for one, am all about the quartet's new "universal everyman against the confusing world" era. It's like someone whispered in Gary Barlow's ear, "Pssst. This is what U2 and Coldplay have been doing for years," and he was all, "Oh, right. But we'll actually make good music!"

"Man" is a jam. Now go put on "Babe" and have a ballad-induced cry, all ye non-believers. (Said with love love, of course.)

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