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Friday, June 17, 2011

When The Mail Doesn't Suck: Suede Reissues

Well, here's my weekend listening sorted out. Remember, chyldryn, when music starts to suck, go back to Suede.

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  • At 1:39 AM, Anonymous Pranav said…

    what are the good formerly unreleased tracks on here worth listening to? I am seriously considering buying the reissues. I recently bought "Sci-Fi Lullabies" by Suede and found some amazing gems on that album.

  • At 9:12 AM, Blogger countpopula said…

    Thanks Rob--Two of the best albums by any band EVER. I'll match 'em up with any Smiths album any day (especially Dog Man Star). They are worth the price of purchase for the remastering alone, but there are all the B-sides, many of which are as good or BETTER than some album tracks, and several demos, which are not of as much use since the final versions are so definitive, but they are interesting for a spin nonetheless.

    The DVDs are generally brilliant, with concert footage (some never before on DVD, some fan footage--truly fascinating), promo videos, and new interviews (strangely enough, Brett and Bernard don't acknowledge how fraught the making of DMS was, to the point Bernard got kicked out of the band).

    The only thing I could find missing were the videos from Dog Man Star, excepting the Stay Together single. I'm not sure why they are gone (maybe the band hates them?), but if you have the Lost in TV DVD, they are there. That DVD is brilliant as well for the bonus features, which have the band sitting and watching their own videos back in a pop-up window. At one point, Brett gets so annoyed with how he was captured on film, he gets up and leaves the room for a bit.

    Pranav, I don't think there was much unreleased material that was up to the level of their released stuff, and now that you have Sci-Fi Lullabies, you've heard most of the B-sides (there were a couple more than what were released there, and one or two from very early singles are still not on the debut remaster). However, these new remasters do include everything REMASTERED (and it does sound much better--less shrill than the originals), making Sci-Fi Lullabies rather pointless now. It is a good collection though, and makes you realize the wealth of fantastic material people didn't hear if they only bought the full lengths (especially outside the UK). Go for the new ones, if only for better sounding recordings alone, although there is much more than that to recommend them.

  • At 9:58 AM, Blogger D'luv said…

    Thanks, Countpopula, for answering Pranav's question! I've yet to delve into these, myself, since I literally just received them this week (DMS on Monday, first album yesterday).

    The DVD I have is Introducing The Band, which strangely found its way to a U.S. release (perhaps way after the fact? It was distributed by Music Video Distributors, Inc in 2002, though the original version came out in 1995). There are highlights from Lost In TV on it, as well as live concert footage from several European cities, a short film about the band touring around, tour films and "exclusive archive footage from the band's personal collection."

    I'll be diving into the new reissues this weekend. The first album has always been my favorite, but DMS has grown on me over the years. I might hold off on Coming Up for it bit...or maybe I'll just order it today! Have to admit, I never bought the last two albums, though I have the CD single for "Everything Will Flow" and have all the other singles via their greatest hits.

  • At 11:54 AM, Anonymous Pranav said…

    Thanks a ton countpopula! Another follow up questions - are there remastered versions of "Whipsnade" and "Sound of the streets" on the reissues?

  • At 12:36 AM, Blogger countpopula said…

    Glad to help Pranav! Yes, both songs are there, remastered. Another interesting feature of these is Brett's reassessment and new lists of how he wished the running orders could be tweaked slightly. Highly interesting.

    Rob, you need Coming Up. Head Music is good but you could probably live without it if need be. New Morning was always the difficult one for me, as the affects of Brett's drug problems altered the sound of his voice a la Whitney Houston, and it took him stepping away from the band momentarily to get it back (the later songs he did for the Singles collection, followed by the excellent Tears album with Bernard Butler sound much better. The solo albums are a bit patchy).

  • At 9:03 PM, Anonymous Pranav said…

    wow...it's probably worth buying just for the remastered versions of "Whipsnade" and "Sound of the streets". I LOVE both those songs!

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