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Friday, September 23, 2011

Aqua's "Playmate To Jesus" Video Is Giving Me A Total Religious Experience

Aqua's "Playmate To Jesus" video has premiered, and unlike that, uh, cartoon-hero-ish, low rent clip for "How R U Doin?", this one actually has some classy visuals and a budget of more than 20 bucks and a stack of bingo chips.

The vid for the second single off the upcoming Megalomania (out October 3) features vocalist Lene Nystrøm in an empty house, doing the appropriate pop starlet slow-mo poses while decked out in goth drag (and Lady Gaga hoof heels).

The other band members are like angst-ridden bodyguards, occasionally hovering around her. And all I can think is that I'd still totally rip the clothes off the dude with the facial hair and make him my Jesus playmate.




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