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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Enrique Iglesias Will Be Doing "Mouth 2 Mouth" With Jennifer Lopez On New Duet

DJ Frank E, who produced Enrique Iglesias' trashy hit "Tonight (I'm F***in' You)," announced on Twitter last night that a new duet from Iglesias and Jennifer Lopez is on the way. Then, about 45 minutes ago he tweeted the song's title: "Mouth 2 Mouth."

And you know what? I hope this shit is actually a hit. Because I'm sick of turning on the goddamn radio and hearing "On The Floor" and "I Like It."

Let's pray that when Enrique puts his mouth on top of J.Lo's it's such an act of sexy combustion that all of their other hits (except for "Be With You" — that was a jam) are obliterated, and "Mouth 2 Mouth" is all that remains.

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  • At 6:36 PM, Anonymous shaun said…

    How soon we forget the jam that is "Do You Know (The Ping Pong Song)"! ;o) But yeah, that and "Be With You" are probably it...hell, even my dad likes "Be With You"!

  • At 7:50 PM, Blogger D'luv said…

    Shaun, I totally have "Do You Know" in my iTunes (and I think you and I have discussed that jam before here). But "Be With You" is his standout in my opinion.


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