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Monday, September 12, 2011

Aqua's "Playmate To Jesus" Aims For Emotion, But Sounds Appropriately Naughty

I keep forgetting that Aqua released a new single, "How R U Doin?", earlier this year. I really need to put that trash on a mix so I can play it the required three times for me to be totally sick of it.

Anyway, despite the fact that Rolling Stone's readers honored the band by declaring they have the worst song of the '90s, Aqua are back with mid-tempo power jam "Playmate To Jesus." Thankfully it sounds less like it was raped by The Cataracs than "How R U Doing?"

I'm not really sure you'd really say the single is leaning toward being religious, but I will note that every time lead vocalist Lene Nystrøm sings "let's go into space, heading for Venus," it sounds like she's saying "heading for penis."

So then maybe it is about religion, after all.

"Playmate To Jesus" is out today overseas. Aqua's third studio album Megalomania will be released on October 3.



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