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Friday, November 18, 2011

Lady Gaga's "Marry The Night" Video: Watch Two Minutes Of 'The Prelude Pathetique'

Lady Gaga's video for fifth Born This Way single "Marry The Night" has yet to premiere, but the crazy broad has chucked out the below video โ€” titled The Prelude Pathetique โ€” to whet the appetite of those who Barbie Doll-leg themselves while flickering their tongue at their computer screens over every move she makes.

Basically, Gaga's on a stretcher being wheeled around what appears to be a mental hospital after possibly attempting suicide.

I'd bet you 40ยข that's her actual hair โ€” because, you know, she's keeping it real in this vid.

Just a little sidebar: I bought Born This Way on vinyl back in June, but by then I'd pretty much become burnt out on that album. So now that some time has gone by, I've been playing the record again, and I'm really digging a lot of it.

Will we ever be able to separate Lady Gaga from the hype? Because that's when you can truly appreciate the music.



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