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Friday, November 18, 2011

Rihanna Looks Like She Got Finger-Banged By The '90s On 'The X Factor'

Why hasn't Beyonce performed on The X Factor this season? Oh, that's right — you actually have to have hits to be invited on the show. Maybe next time, after you shoot out that kid you're "pregnant" with and record an album people actually want to listen to, Bey?

The Real Chart Queen Rihanna twirled onto the stage of the ratings-challenged televised dog and pony act last night, wearing ripped jeans, a plaid bra and a black jacket, and sang her current #1 hit  "We Found Love" as her flannel-clad dancers moshed all around her. (The only thing missing: Calvin Harris standing on the side doing a solo jack-off session for the camera.)

The performance was kind of reminiscent of a Nirvana video from 1993, only if Kurt Cobain was in Rosie-Perez-as-a-hooker drag. (So, basically, just Rosie Perez drag...)

All that said, am I the only one who thinks the set is kind of ripped off from Lady Gaga's Monster Ball stage?

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