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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Rihanna 'Talk That Talk' Album Snippets: A First-Listen Judgement

Not only has the single art for "You Da One," Rihanna's next Talk That Talk single, hit the Internet, snippets from 11 of the album's songs have, too. If I had to judge based on the seconds-long clips themselves — well, who am I kidding; I'll just do that below.

Here are the snippets:

And here's my snap judgement, upon first listen:

1. "You Da One"
The next single, produced by Dr. Luke. Has potential, though kind of slow.

2. "Where Have You Been"
Sounds like a continuation of "We Found Love," and the song I'm most curious to hear in full. Why isn't this the second single?

3. "We Found Love"
As we know, one of the best singles of the year.

4. "Talk That Talk"
The Jay-Z song. Awful.

5. "Cockiness (Love It)"

6. "Birthday Cake"
Embarrassingly bad.

7. "We All Want Love"
Interesting, slightly pop-rock ballad. Someone's been hanging out with Coldplay.

8. "Drunk On Love"
Possibly the album's second standout, after "Where Have You Been."

9. "Roc Me Out"
Album filler.

10. "Watch N' Learn"
More album filler. Talk That Talk really isn't walking the walk, is it?

11. "Farewell"
More anthemic power balladry.

This could, of course, all change once I hear the album in full. Or not...



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