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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Jessie J Has Another "Domino" Video

Jessie J's fans must have been extra nice this year — and the rest of the world's population, extremely naughty — because Santa has gifted us all with another video for "Domino." So, why two clips, you ask?

It's looking like "Domino" might become a hit here in the US, where the Dr. Luke-produced song has been steadily climbing up the chart with the same strength that Jessie's voice has when it inches up my tolerance levels. And, quite frankly, that live, behind-the-scenes thing she chucked out awhile back just isn't the stuff that stars are made of.

Then again, how The 10 Worst Pop Singles Of 2011 honoree Jessie ever became a star in the first place is as perplexing to me as calculus.

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