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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Watch La Roux's Elly Jackson, Emma Bunton & Lulu On 'Absolutely Fabulous'

Absolutely Fabulous is back for three new episodes to celebrate the show's 20th (Good God!) anniversary. The first two eps have already aired in the UK on BBC, while the short new series premieres stateside on Logo this coming Sunday, January 8.

Anyway, second episode "Job" is packed full of British ladies of song. Lulu and Emma Bunton are back as Edina's clients, and La Roux singer Elly Jackson appears briefly in a fantasy sequence at the Royal Albert Hall, singing "Walking Down The Road" (which Ab Fab viewers will recall as Eddy's nonsense song from the 2003 episode "Schmoozin'," in which she accidentally recorded her own singing over a lost Beatles tape).

Below is the full episode. It's about 28 minutes long. Jump to about 13:10 for the La Roux bit.

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