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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Watch Pet Shop Boys Discuss 'Format' And Their Various B-Sides Over The Years

Pet Shop Boys posted a series of videos talking about their various B-sides over the years, to promote the new collection Format, which was released in the UK this week. (I finally ordered my copy the other day.) Given the duo's various labels in the US over the years — and the fact that PopArt took three years to come out here because of that — I can't see Format getting a domestic release anytime soon.

Anyway, I gathered up the three best interview clips below. They were shot while the PSBs have been in L.A. recording their upcoming studio album, which is due out this fall.

Chris talks about "After The Event" — but can't remember the A-side.

Neil talks about B-sides being more prevalent in the digital age than ever.

Chris discusses knowing early on if a song is going to be a B-side or not.

Watch the full set of interview clips here.



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