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Monday, March 05, 2012

Keane Unveil 'Strangeland' Album Cover

I'll admit, I wasn't that impressed with Keane's 2010 EP (or mini-album or what have you) Night Train, save for maybe "My Shadow," which sounded the most like "classic" Keane. And so I've been not paying much mind to the news on their upcoming LP Strangeland (out May 7).

That said, the band revealed the cover art today. And the below trailer for Strangeland seems promising, given that Tim Rice-Oxley says several times that they all took forever to release the album (they entered the studio in January 2011) because they wanted to make sure it all sounded as good as possible.

Strangland tracklist:

1. You Are Young
2. Silenced By The Night
3. Disconnected
4. Watch How You Go
5. Sovereign Light Cafe
6. On The Road
7. The Starting Line
8. Black Rain
9. Neon River
10. Day Will Come
11. In Your Own Time
12. Sea Fog

Meanwhile, I can't believe it's been eight years since the release of Hopes And Fears.



  • At 1:22 PM, Anonymous Pranav said…

    I actually thought Keane's Night Train EP had some great moments - especially "Your Love" That is one hell of a tune and probably my favorite Keane track of all time. The other great moments include "Clear Skies" and "My Shadow". But I get the feeling Keane's "Strangeland" will be my album of the year. The only other album that will give it competition is the soon-to-be-released comeback album by Johnny Hates Jazz.


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