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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My Goldfrapp Interview

I love Goldfrapp, and I think Alison Goldfrapp is one of the most intelligent songstresses I've ever had the privilege of interviewing. I talked to her in 2010 for Idolator, just before Head First came out, and once again a few weeks ago, as a tie-in with the release of The Singles. You can read the latter, which was posted today, here on Idolator.

I used the majority of the quotes, and there were just a tiny bit of leftover bits from our recent interview, which I'm posting just below:

Do you think the day will ever come when Will will join you on stage for a tour? 
AG: No. He does do occasional gigs with us. When we’ve done acoustic things he’s been there. But, no — he’s never really been into that side of things. I sometimes think that’s probably why we’re still working together. [Laughs]

Before you go, I have one request: please tweet more photos of your cat. 
AG: [Laughs] I’d better start taking more, because I’ve completely run out of pictures! And I forget which ones I’ve tweeted and which ones I haven’t. Yes, I will

As always, it’s lovely to speak with you. I really enjoyed our conversation two years ago and I enjoyed this one. 
AG: Aww, you’re very welcome. I hope we get to speak again next time.

I'll make sure of it.

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