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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Kylie Minogue Covers 'Glamour' UK, Talks About PWL Days

My friend/travel companion AGirlAndHerCity picked up a copy of the July issue of Glamour UK at Heathrow — the one with Kylie Minogue on the cover, where she talks about performing at the upcoming Hit Factory Live fest — and she gave it to me upon meeting up in Paris yesterday.

Here's an excerpt:
"I can't divulge...oh, I'll tell you," she blurts. "At the PWL Hyde Park gig...I'm going to sing 'Especially For You' with Jason Donovan. I don't think we'll even need to sing it; I'm sure the audience all went through the Neighbours wedding; it's going to bring the house down! Even though it's outdoors..."

...She is, let's face it, too good, too big and too contemporary to headline Pete Waterman's nostalgia-led pop-fest, but, she notes, "I would like to thank him in some way."

...Back in1997, I saw the singer's crystal-blue eyes brim with tears. Her "Indie Kylie" phase was fraught with nerves and confusion: while her then-collaborators, the Manic Street Preachers and Nick Cave, had "embraced [her] past," she herself had not, always feeling "creatively knee-deep in concrete" at Pete Waterman's perky Hit Factory. This year, by contrast, her Anti Tour celebrated those very days...

"It was torturous inside me," she says, of her '97 self. "I just thought, 'I can't be that person, she's not accepted, she's so uncool,' and it transpires I was none of those things. The coolest people were just, 'No, we love those songs, we love you from that time!' But I had to go through my own process to embrace it."

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