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Thursday, June 21, 2012

'The Soup': Kylie Minogue Cues Up Ryan Gosling Video & Eats Joe Manganiello's Doritos

I'd been looking for a reason to post that video of 10-year-old Ryan Gosling dancing at a talent show in 1991 to C+C Music Factory, and, well, Kylie Minogue has given me the reason to via her visit to The Soup. The best YouTube user comment about this clip: "Why did Kylie stand in a hole?"

And then there's this trashola segment, where Kylie eats a Dorito off True Blood and Magic Mike stud Joe Manganiello's stomach. Kinda gross, actually — sorry.

Um, good luck with The Best Of Kylie Minogue (out now)...if that's what was being "promoted" here?



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