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Saturday, September 01, 2012

It's Pet Shop Boys' "Leaving" Lyric Video

As mentioned, "Leaving" is the second single from Pet Shop Boys' upcoming album Elysium. And now there's a lyric video to go along with the song, which features a sun slowly setting — quite fitting given that the tune is about death.

By the way, check out the duo's new interview with The Arts Desk. This commentary alone is priceless:

NT: I looked at the chart the other day and I realised that since the last album, only three years ago, we’ve entered this strange world of somebody or other featuring somebody or other. Every other track is Calvin Harris featuring Nikki Minaj or with Snoop Doggy Dogg or someone.

CL: Or featuring three. David Guetta doesn’t just have one or two.

NT: Well, why would you? And I suddenly thought we are not in that world.

CL: Why not throw Jessie J in there?

NT: Why not throw in Jessie J, why wouldn’t you?

CL: Is it to get each other’s Facebook friends? I bet that’s what it is. You could accumulate everyone else's friend list.

NT: We’re not on Facebook. We think it’s sinister and horrible. Pet Shop Boys are but we’re not.

CL: It’s great watching their share price tumble, isn’t it? I have really been enjoying the schadenfreude.



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