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Saturday, December 22, 2012

It's Dido's "Let Us Move On"

I'm crawling out from under being sick the past week, and am finally getting around to Dido's "Let Us Move On," which was officially released on iTunes on Tuesday. There's a lyric video for this, her first single from her upcoming fourth album, Girl Who Got Away, and you can catch that trash below.

I used to really dig Dido, especially around the time of her first album, No Angel. I remember picking it up a full year before Eminem sampled "Thank You" for "Stan," after seeing it at a listening station at the Virgin Megastore in Los Angeles.

I believe I grabbed her follow-up, Life For Rent, while in London in fall 2003. It was okay — and I really liked "White Flag," "Don't Leave Home" and "Sand In My Shoes" — but I really lost track of her around the time she was contributing vocals to that atrocious Band Aid 20 single.

Anyway, "Let Us Move On" features slick, gloomy production (courtesy of Dido, her brother Rollo, Jeff Bhasker and several others), a rap from Kendrick Lamar, of all modern day players, and a lyrical message about not sweating the small stuff in life.

Enjoyable enough, if not a bit forgettable.

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