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Friday, January 11, 2013

It's Ke$ha's "C'mon" Video

Pop kidz, it's time to face facts: Ke$ha's sophomore LP Warrior has flopped harder than a salad on Christina Aguilera's dining room table. In only its fourth week on the Billboard 200 album chart, $'s latest was languishing at #63. True, this week it jumped back up to #29, but that' only because of an iTunes sale the week prior, which slashed the album's price to $7.99.

At any rate, without any sounding of a horn or throwing of a ticker tape parade — because RCA apparently must be bouncing fucks from their Care account over this project — the video for Ke$ha's second Warrior single "C'mon" premiered today.

It's the usual (save for Ke$ha looking rather Gaga-esque with that long blonde wig): she hops in a van full of animals after quitting her shitty diner job, winds up partying in a trailer home, goes to a convenience store and causes havoc before turning the joint into a dance club.

On the plus side for Ke$ha, career-wise, "C'mon" moved up 32 positions on the Hot 100 this week to #65, and I actually heard it on KIIS-FM yesterday. So there is that.



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