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Thursday, January 31, 2013

This Beyonce Post On Her BeyHive Stans Is Some Funny Shit

Everyone's favorite wig-snatcher Pop Trash Mike did this in-depth look at Beyonce's stans — called Inside The BeyHive — on Idolator for me, and it's the funniest thing I've read online so far this year.

A few highlights:

Not only do the Beys have their own unique lexicon (more about that later), their sting is legendary. A run in with the BeyHive reportedly made one Little Monster delete his Twitter and beg Lady Gaga for a ride in the Born Brave Bus to recover.


Matthew (@BeyoncesHubby), 20, from Fort Washington, New York, takes a slightly different approach: “When extremely irritating people come for Beyonce, I politely ask them to kill themselves.


“When Wendy Williams’ oak-tree-lookin’ ass said Beyonce was illiterate, I dragged her until the bark fell off,” brags Jabari.

Do yourself a favor and go read. Now.



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