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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Mariah Carey's "Almost Home" Video Is Great And Powerful, Just Like The Song

So, I went and saw The Great And Powerful Oz yesterday, and I was pretty disappointed that there weren't any scenes with Mariah Carey flashing her topless tits or dry-humping a winged monkey. Still, enjoyable movie, decent song (despite Mimi's Auto Tune) and much better video than that "Triumphant" shit from last year.



  • At 10:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Dude, are you sure there was Auto-tune in "Almost Home"? At what point in the song? Anyway, it's probably one of her best tracks in years -- since "We Belong Together" from 2005. Well, maybe her Journey remake from her last album wasn't too bad either.

  • At 11:49 PM, Anonymous Pranav said…

    This is actually a pretty decent song even though the verses are a little generic. I would love to see Stargate producing more of Mariah's tracks.

  • At 6:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi there, How are you? I have to say I really enjoyed the film, it has the best 3D since Avatar was released!!! It was worth my extra money to watch it 3D. The film was pretty decent too, loved it! I was kind of disappointed at 2 things! 1) the fact that the song never got played ( as a instrumental track with orchestra or something it would've been incredible). The second thing is that Mariah's song only came out at the very end of the credits. Most people had left the room by then. When the song got payed it was a demo of the song we know now! It had different arrangements and vocals and it was a totally different mix. This made me think that this song was a last minute ordeal. Who in their right mind would do that? Bad promotion, so it can only be explained by the fact that this was kinda rushed through. In regards to Auto Tune, believe me, at the begining that's Mariah's voice, she just used her voice sifferently. No vibrato, no air, it sounds different, but it is her voice. The vocals are quite compressed, but that is her voice used differently.


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