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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Pet Shop Boys' Ravey "Vocal" Video

Pet Shop Boys' "Vocal" video may be very on-a-budget, but it's still a fascinating watch. Well, fascinating for me, at least, since it's comprised of footage of late-'80s rave parties in the UK, and last year I spent about 6 hours over a three-day period watching such footage on YouTube into the wee hours.

If you watch closely, it almost looks like flashes of Chris Lowe, a confessed rave party-goer back in the day, appear in there.

In fact, there's a pretty spectacular British documentary on rave culture called Summer Of Rave, which you can watch right here:

As for "Vocal," press release notes that the single (presumably in all formats) will officially be released on July 22, a week after the new Pet Shop Boys album Electric is made available.

Final note: As mentioned before, I spent an hour interviewing Neil and Chris, and it's for two features — one for Idolator and one for Instinct. Expect one, if not both, pieces to be online in the next week or so.



  • At 10:32 PM, Blogger Todd said…

    Love the song. Love the wacky video. Can't wait to watch the documentary--thanks for sharing it.


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