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Friday, July 12, 2013

Lady Gaga Announces 'ARTPOP' Release Date, New Single Out In August

Lady Gaga ate dinner with a bunch of people in New York last night and announced the details of her new album ARTPOP, which she's only been blathering on about for half as long as she publicly flapped her gums over Born This Way before it was released.

The main, important details — the ones you'll care about — are these:

1. The first single is out August 19.

2. You can pre-order ARTPOP and some app or other on September 1.

3. ARTPOP and said app are to be released on November 11.

Below the full gist, via Gaga's Facebook. Get ready for HausRaveTechGaGaARTappPOP, everyone!

Here's hoping it's way more The Fame Monster than Born This Way.



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