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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Wanted Cough Up 'Word Of Mouth' Album Cover, Premiere New Single "Show Me Love"

In January, it will be two years since The Wanted cracked the American charts. And yet, the UK band have yet to release an album on these shores, something that probably comes down to the fact that One Direction swooped in and capsized their boat, and likely explains why they've yet to mirror the early success of "Glad You Came."

Anyway, here we are five singles in — below you can hear "Show Me Love" (or "Show Me Love (America)" — whichever it may be) — and the guys have finally unveiled the completely terrible cover art for their third UK album/first US album, Word Of Mouth.

Like most things come out of the Wanted pipeline, "Show Me Love" is pleasant enough. But there's just something missing that keeps it from being over-the-top amazing. Maybe it's the desperation in their song titles lately?

Word Of Mouth is now scheduled to be out on November 4. One would assume that means this year, and not next.



  • At 12:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    The writings on the wall for the end of the Wanted maybe sooner than you think. Word on the street is that An early rough version of a "greatest hits" demo cd has been floating around their record labels office in the uk that ironically includes the Justin Bieber collab. My guess is that they've already counted this album as a flop and at strike 3, are ready to end it and salvage what's left by releasing a greatest hits shortly thereafter (which would explain the last minute omission of the Bieber song from "word of mouth"). Keep in mind this is all unconfirmed, but interesting none the less.


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