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Monday, October 07, 2013

Gary Barlow Remains A Hot Daddy With 'Since I Saw You Last' Album Cover

If you were looking for a reminder that Gary Barlow is still the type of DILF you'd want to come over to your house and bend you over the couch and ram you in to next Sunday, then gaze no further than the cover art for his upcoming third solo album, Since I Saw You Last (out November 25).

It's quite an improvement over the cover of his last solo outing, 1999's Twelve Months, Eleven Days. I always felt poor Gaz looked like he'd just been kicked in the nuts right before the camera snapped with that one.

Of course, the key period to have had Gary come over and piledrive your face into the plaster would have been around the time of 1997's Open Road. He was fresh out of Take That 1.0 then, still having solo hits (I absolutely love that album's title track) and looking like quite the hot piece of blonde tail.

In lieu of that, the next best thing, I'm still convinced, is 43-year-old Barlow dick.