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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Beyonce's New Album Outselling All Other Bitches

I've never been a huge Beyonce fan. In fact, if you want to know my thoughts on her previous album, 4, look no further than Chart Rigger's 10 Worst Singles Of 2011 roundup, on which Bey took up three positions. Destiny's Child was a different story, since I always dug a bulk of their singles output. ("Say My Name" will forever be one of my favorite pop jams.)

As for Beyonce The Solo Artist, there have been a few songs here and their I got on board with — mainly "Check On It" and "Halo."

That all changed on Friday, however, when I bought Bey's surprise self-titled fifth album/video package on iTunes — the first time I ever paid for a Beyonce solo album — and found myself smitten with the the whole shebang. The music is top notch, especially given her previous LP, and the videos are outstanding (check out "Pretty Hurts," featuring Harvey fucking Keitel for starters). Most of all, I was just really impressed by the innovative way the whole set was crafted as a full audio/visual experience — not to mention the fact that Beyonce couldn't be bothered to play the usual record label release game, and just dropped the damn thing with no forewarning.

Billboard reported last night that Beyonce sold over 430,000 downloads in just 24 hours (the physical version of the album is due out in a week, in time for Christmas) — enough copies, the publication states, for it to debut at #1 when the new chart is published next week.

Likewise, in the UK, Beyonce sold 68,000 copies within 48 hours and will debut at #5 on today's album chart it's published. Both the UK and US charts cut off their weekly tracking on Sunday.

Still, lest you think I've totally gone over to the Beyside, this was my tweet from 12:30 a.m. Friday morning when I first got the news that a new Beyonce album hit iTunes with no warning:



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