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Sunday, December 29, 2013

It's Katy B's "Crying For No Reason" Video

One of maybe two reasons to not throw yourself off a cliff before 2014 is Katy B's upcoming album Little Red, which is out February 3 in the UK and god knows when in the US. The songs released in the lead-up — 2012's Jessie Ware pair-up "Aaliyah" (will be on the album) and this year's "What Love Is Made Of" (not on the album) and "5 AM" (on the album and Chart Rigger's 10 Best Pop Singles Of 2013 list) — have been utterly fantastic.

Synth half-ballad/half-dance jam "Crying For No Reason" is Little Red's official second single, and it sounds like something Giorgio Moroder would have had some pop tartlet record for the Scarface soundtrack in 1983. In other words, it's fantastic.

The video is also perfection. Witness:

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