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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Lea Michele Has Another Song Written By Sia And It's Called "Battlefield": Listen

Lea Michele is having quite an active period during Glee's winter hiatus, no? Following the announcement of her debut pop album Louder (out February 28) and the release of Sia-penned single "Cannonball," a new song from the chirping triple-thread has arrived in the form of "Battlefield."

While it's unfortunately not a cover of Jordin Sparks' woefully forgotten (by radio) 2009 hit, it is another one written by Sia, along with Larry Goldings, a musician who's played piano on a few of Sia's albums (and on Christina Aguilera's Bionic!).

Side note: Wow. Upon looking back at this post from May 2009, I was initially so dismissive of Jordin's "Battlefield" — one of only two times I've ever been wrong about anything. Still, that writeup produced this line: "I still believe pop music can be better than Ryan Tedder." So it wasn't a total bust.

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