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Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Lady Gaga Has Re-Recorded "Do What U Want" With Christina Aguilera: Listen

When the Village Voice ran a long piece in December that essentially resurfaced the vile, decades-old sexual abuse allegations surrounding R. Kelly, I remember thinking Lady Gaga would hurriedly announces ARTPOP single #3 as a way to distance herself from the Chicago R&B crooner and her duet with him, "Do What U Want." But instead what happened was she went on the season finale of The Voice and performed the song with Christina Aguilera.

So here we are at the onset of the new year with a studio version of Gaga and Xtina's pair-up that aims, one would guess, to erase the memory of R. Kelly from all Monsters' heads. Upon first listen, the result seems a tad "yeah...so?" But give it a few spins. It eventually clicks.

Now let's just see if Xtina's newly-minted Features Queen status can lift "Do What U Want" higher than its #13 peak on the Billboard Hot 100.

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