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Monday, January 27, 2014

Lana Del Rey's "Once Upon A Dream" From The 'Maleficent' Soundtrack: Listen

Alright, so this depressing broad climbed out from under the crisp, frozen bedsheets in her grimly-decorated $2 million condo she was asleep in for 37 hours straight, washed down another bottle of Paxil, slid on her sunglasses and slumped into the back of a limo long enough to black out and wake up completely delirious in a recording studio. Then some producer in a black hood tasered her snatch until she belched out some dirge that, if you actually listen closely, is a cover "Once Upon A Dream" from Sleeping Beauty.

Lana Del Rey's new trash is from the Maleficent soundtrack, a documentary where a film crew spent a week in the Pitt-Jolie household. Here's the goddamn song, and the trailer for the movie. I love the part where Angelina goes to the playground down the block from her manse and murders children.

"Once Upon A Dream"

Maleficent trailer



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