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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Lady Gaga Performed "Artpop" On The 'Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon' Last Night

A quick catchup on Lady Gaga: "Applause" was a late-summer hit; ARTPOP underperformed in the fall; "Do What U Want" was derailed in December by (let's face it) the renewed horror of duet partner R. Kelly's sex crime accusations; swapping out R. Kelly for Christina Aguilera did nothing to bolster the chart fortunes of "Do What U Want," nor did the video ever get a release; Gaga claimed ARTPOP got off track because people (read: her manager) deserted her when she needed them most.

So here were are now with the resurfacing of Mother Monster, who performed on night #2 of Jimmy Fallon's new stint as host of the Tonight Show. Strangely, she didn't perform "Gypsy," which is rumored to be the official third single off ARTPOP — rather, she served up a pretty nice, piano-driven rendition of the title track.

Who knows if this album campaign can be turned around, but it does kind of feel like do or die time, no?



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