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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Kylie Minogue's 'Kiss Me Once' Bonus Tracks "Mr. President" & "Sleeping With The Enemy": Listen

An early copy of Kylie's Kiss Me Once arrived in the mail on Thursday, ahead of its March 18 (US) release next week. That prompted me to finally seek out the two bonus tracks online, "Mr. President" and "Sleeping With The Enemy."

"Mr. President" is the one everyone's jamming Barbie doll legs up themselves over, because it's a clubby jam that sounds like it could have been yanked out of Kylie's Fever era.

I dig it, but I'm a bit more partial to the subtle, moody "Sleeping With The Enemy," which Kylie wrote with Claude Kelly and Greg Kurstin. The latter produced the track, and I love the trippy '90s drum beat and the overall dreamy quality of the whole thing.

These two are on the US iTunes version of Minogue's album, but, annoyingly, we're not getting "Sparks" (which I put up here last weekend). It's relegated to being a Japanese bonus track, and the "Into The Blue" B-side in the UK.

What are you thinking of Kylie's bonus tracks from Kiss Me Once? My ranking of them:

1. Sparks
2. Sleeping With The Enemy
3. Mr. President



  • At 11:29 AM, Blogger Random Super J said…

    "Sparks" is amazing. I'm loving the Friendly fires / Van she vibe of it.

    Not too keen on "Mr. President", but "Sleeping with the enemy" is nice - could be a grower.

    I think "Mr. President" sounds more 'X' than 'Fever' though. The whole dirty bass vibe immediately springs "Nu-di-ty" to mind.

    I'm waiting to hear that Yasutaka Nakata remix of "Into the blue" - because he did a grand job of "Get outta my way". Plus, that man has been producing gold as of late.

    If you've not checked out his stuff before, I urge you to check out Perfume - a group he produces and writes for. Their 'Game' album in particular. More specifically "Secret, secret" which easily could have been a Kylie track. It wouldn't surprise me if following his second remix of hers that they brought him in to produce an original song for her next studio album.

  • At 12:56 PM, Anonymous Bakerman said…

    Your assessment is entirely correct.

  • At 12:43 PM, Blogger Andru Waid said…

    I freakin LOOOVE Mr President, it's the best song I have heard since Work Bitch! lol :P I like Kylie with a beat and that's what was missing for me with Aphrodite. This is Klassic Kylie, the whole album an amalgamation of different Kylies of the past, in my mind. Wish Mr Pres had been the lead single, actually, or second. Sleeping with the Enemy is awesome and too bad we didn't get Sparks. Like u i had the same experience buying the physical cd in America.


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