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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Clean Bandit's "Come Over" Video: The 5 Most Pissed-Off Comments By Religious YouTubers

So Clean Bandit shot the video for their latest single "Come Over" in Morocco and threw some religious imagery in the damn thing and now there are a bunch of fiery, pissed-off comments on YouTube.

Here are some of my favorites:

* "I honestly feel so offended, there was no reason for them to bring religion into it . Don't worry my Muslim brothers and sisters the day will come when Allah will judge them(yom al kiama) .words can't describe how disgusted I am .Although they where in an Islamic country they could have easily blocked it out!"

* "idk what to say , this song is really good , even filming in my country is a happy thing , but using 'Al adhan'. at tthe beginning of the song was totally wrong , 'Al adhan' is a call to prayer not to listen to music , it's so wrong nd it will upset a lot of muslims , a lot , im upset myself .. , maybe u didnt know what was that , u only liked it and added it , u should've asked since cultures nd religions are diff , it could've been better without that part ,listenning to it without it is better , that part actually should be removed , i liked the song but , i feel bad."

* "Great song but the video is too offensive. According to my religion, men wearing dresses in the colour blue specifically means "it's time to file tax reports and attempt to rob a customs house" which has nothing to do with this song... I demand it be taken down or I will cry."

* "Why put al adhan in a song. Clearly not ok in the head. So offensive to Muslim and other religions. This should be reported without any hesitation."

* "Religion is stupid."

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