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Friday, August 29, 2014

Meeting Gorgon City (Plus, Here's Their "Unmissable" Video)

While most people are shooting foam out of their front ends over Disclosure, my particular UK house duo of choice in 2014 has been Gorgon City. That's not to take away from Disclosure, because I really dig what those two are doing — but to my ears, the material Matt and Kye from Gorgon City have been crafting is pretty sophisticated stuff as far as dance music goes.

Last month I had a phone conversation with Matt while the pair were in Italy performing, and I did up a profile on the guys for Idolator. Luckily they were happy to come by our New York studio at Idolator this week while in town for this weekend's Electric Zoo fest. I'll post the on-camera piece we did as soon as I whip it all together.

Anyway, Gorgon City's video for new single "Unmissable" just premiered. It's a pretty fantastic track off their upcoming album Sirens (out October 7), which is full of many more fantastic tracks.

Sirens tracklist

1. Coming Home (featuring Maverick Sabre)
2. Ready For Your Love (featuring MNEK)
3. Lover Like You (featuring Katy B)
4. Here For You (featuring Laura Welsh)
5. FTPA (featuring Erik Hassle)
6. Go All Night (featuring Jennifer Hudson)
7. Unmissable (featuring Zak Abel)
8. Real (featuring Yasmin)
9. Imagination (featuring Katy Menditta)
10. 6 AM (featuring Tish Hyman)
11. Elevate (featuring Anne-Marie)
12. Take It All (featuring The Six)
13. Hard On Me (featuring Maverick Sabre)


14. Try Me Out (featuring Anne-Marie)
15. No More (featuring L.I.V.)
16. Here For You (featuring Laura Welsh) (VEVO Lift Performance)
17. Doing It Wrong (featuring L.I.V.)