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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Kiesza's New Single "No Enemiesz" Is Perfect

"Hideaway" is a single whose crossover appeal was evident from the beginning, despite the house track's low-key, indie sensibilities. And Kiesza's (European) follow-up, "Giant In My Heart," felt a bit like more of the same. It was good, and it kept the sound established with "Hideaway" going...it just didn't really move things up the road much.

But last night Kiesza's new single "No Enemiesz" premiered on Annie Mac's BBC radio show in the UK. (Actually, if you've caught the Canadian singer live in the past five months, you'll have heard her belt this one out.) And, good news: It feels like it's her first proper song.

You could plunk down at a piano or strap on an acoustic guitar and strip this one down into a nice "unplugged" number, or crank it up and blow the fucking windows out. (I prefer the latter, myself.)

"No Enemiesz" in its live form had a bit more of a Madonna "Vogue" feel to it, especially with the house piano intro and, well, Kiesza stepping on stage and voguing.

Anyway, Kiesza's debut LP, Sound Of A Woman, can't get here soon enough. It's out on October 21.



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