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Monday, October 27, 2014

It's Kiesza's "No Enemiesz" Video

Kiesza has been performing "No Enemiesz" live since the spring, and on the stage, it had a much more "Vogue"-sounding intro. The recorded version was finally made available to purchase last week, along with the rest of the flame-haired diva's full Sound Of A Woman album, and it's got a lot more sounds going on than just the reference to Madge's 1990 hit.

A few notes: "No Enemiesz" will be Kiesza's third UK single, following  "Hideaway" and "Giant In My Heart." Also, the video features the singer taking off various pieces of clothing, which each turn into a different dancer she works out some impressive moves with. Then she finally strips off and takes a shower.

Yay, nudity!



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