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Friday, October 10, 2014

Take That Premiere New Single "These Days," Reveal 'III' Tracklist' & Producers

Take That's lead single from upcoming album III premiered this morning, and Gary, Howard and Mark sat down with Chris Evans for an interview for BBC Radio 2. First up, the song is called "These Days," and it was produced by Greg Kurstin. I know it's supposed to be a throwback to TT's early '90s boy band days, but to me it almost feels too pop, if that makes any sense?

I've never been a huge fan of Greg Kurstin's. I liked the last Tegan And Sara album, but I thought the stuff he did with Pink on The Truth About Love was a tad bland, as typified by ho-hum lead single "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)". It's not bad, it's just...there.

At any rate, a press release notes the following: "It's a nod to the sound that defined their early years, an out-and-out feel good pop smash that isn't like anything they produced following the 2006 reunion."

Luckily, the release goes on to say that the "song shows just one element from the album, which incorporates a mix of styles and sounds influenced by their last three LPs."

Anyway, the guys worked with a variety of producers this time around, including Kurstin, John Shanks (who produced 2006's Beautiful World, 2008's The Circus and their "Rule The World" single), Stuart Price (2010's Progress and 2011's Progressed EP) and Jeff Lynne (!!).

Here's their full BBC interview from this morning. (Interesting comment from Howard, when asked what he'll miss/not miss about Jason Orange: "Jason is the better break dancer, he's always been fantastic, but if I was gay I could never be his boyfriend because he's a bit annoying, and a bit too deep for me.")

And here's hoping "These Days" is a grower.

Take That, III tracklist
1. These Days
2. Let In The Sun
3. If You Want It
4. Lovelife
5. Portrait
6. Higher Than Higher
7. I Like It
8. Give You My Love
9. Freeze
10. Into The Wild
11. Flaws
12. Get Ready For It
13. Believe
14. Amazing
15. Do It For All For Love



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