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Sunday, November 09, 2014

Just As A*Teens Were To ABBA, There Is Now A*Base, A Teenage Version Of Ace Of Base

Yesterday I received a press release for something that is literally going to reshape all of our lives: A*Base, a teenage Ace Of Base tribute act from Sweden, is a something that is actually happening.

"The project that has been surrounded by hard work and secrecy for over two years is now ready to be revealed," sayeth the press info. "A*Base is a pop music group from Stockholm, Sweden, formed by Ari Letennen & Martin Orrenbrink in 2012 as an ACE OF BASE tribute band. They are composed of four teens from Stockholm,  beginning their work on the debut album Happy Generation in 2012, two years later the group signed with Ninetone..."

First of all, let me state how both utterly depressing and completely fascinating this whole thing is. I say depressing because this makes me feel old as fuck. (But bottom line on that: I'm still thin, so whatever.) I say fascinating because I was an absolute A*Teens stan circa 2000 through 2003, so this feels a bit like deja vu...except, wait — that also makes me feel old. Fuck.

Anyway, A*Base will arrive this coming week (on November 14) with their cover of Ace Of Base's "Never Gonna Say I'm Sorry." Interesting choice, going with the third single off AOB's 1995 The Bridge album, considering it bubbled under (read: flopped) at #106 here in the States in summer '96, and even in Sweden only got to #24 on the pop chart. But why go for the obvious hits right off the bat?

For those dying to know, the members of this new Swede-pop package are Matilda Lundberg (age 15), Malin Enstedt (15), Alexander Beyer (16) and Emil Henrohn (17)... I will point out that only one of these children was actually alive — but barely — when Ace Of Base were still having hits.

So young and proud.

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