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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

HBO's 'Looking' Is Just A Bad Show, But...

So my January-to-March TV watching includes Looking, which is a really, really bland show that I sometimes feel is more about nothing than Seinfeld ever was, but it somehow, at the last minute each week, manages to show some stylistic flourish — maybe it's a music choice, or the set design, or the credit treatment — that makes me think, Well, okay — I'll tune in to this trash just one more time.

Anyway, this past week's episode, the second one of the second season, had a whole bit where the Russell Tovey character (Kevin) confessed to Jonathan Groff's character (Patrick) that he had a crush on Take That whilst while growing up.

There's even a whole self-aware exchange about how the boy band weren't so big here in the States. Later, Patrick sheds his embarrassment and shows Kevin his tweenage Take That "Do What U Like" dance.

Here's Take That's "Do What U Like" video — the uncensored one where they wear a bunch of leather and then get mops jammed up their naked butts after rubbing whipped cream all over themselves.

Looking showrunner Andrew Haigh also did the infinitely more watchable 2010 flick Weekend.

By the way, the final moments of this past week's Looking episode also had Pet Shop Boys' "Thursday" playing in the background.

See what I mean? It's those last minute hooks that keep you coming back...

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