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Monday, January 19, 2015

If You Didn't Buy That Donna Summer 'Another Place And Time' Reissue, You Should Get On That

My belated two cents on this one...

As far as reissues go, you could do infinitely worse than the one for Donna Summer's 1989 foray into PWL land, Another Place And Time. It's the album that gave the world her last true chart hit, "This Time I Know It's For Real," and wound up being the single greatest start-to-finish LP Stock Aitken Waterman had their hands in.

The reissue was released in December. The crown jewel here is Pete Hammond's Original 12" Mix of "I Don't Wanna Get Hurt."

The song itself opens the proper LP, and was always a complete gem in its album version form. For whatever reason, it was given a single remix for radio in 1989 that watered down a lot of the high-energy flourishes found in the album version. Hammond's unreleased original mix, however, punches up every heavenly aspect of said version.

Anyway, the whole things is a masterpiece, from "Whatever Your Heart Desires" — a song that got thrown around a few times in the PWL stable, but never turned out as good as when Donna did it — to "Love's About To Change My Heart."

You really should own this if you don't.

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