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Sunday, January 04, 2015

Marina And The Diamonds And I Are Finally Seeing Eye-To-Eye With Her Upcoming 'Froot'

Around the time when Marina Diamandis released her first LP in 2010, The Family Jewels, I was going through some major life upheaval. It was my final days of living in Los Angeles. And so that album kind of passed me by.

Two years later, along came Marina's sophomore effort Electra Heart, which was when I was in the midst of living briefly in Dallas, and so life for me was even more of an abyss of despair. Again, I missed out on taking in that album — although I did get into it at the tail-end of her tour, when she hit up Central Part here in NYC in spring of 2013 (where I had moved to by that point).

I liked much of Electra Heart, but I didn't fully connect with the album. And so that brings us to Froot, Marina's upcoming third album, which is due out on April 5. Maybe it's the fact that she worked with one producer on this one (David Kosten), or that I'm finally free and clear of personal relocation drama enough to take in Marina with open arms, but there's something pretty wonderful about the three tracks released so far.

Marina's plan is to release a song a month during the lead-up to Froot, and so far we've gotten the title track, "Happy" and "Immortal." Personally, "Happy" is my favorite. It's got the perfect blend of chilly melancholy and hope wrapped into it, no?

Her latest, "Immortal," just goes straight for melancholy, as Marina contemplates life and the time we have on this trying planet. Best line: "No, I don't want to be afraid, afraid of dying, I just want to be able to say that I have lived life."

Deep stuff that's perfect for the dead of winter. Bring on the April thaw.



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