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Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Kelly Clarkson's 'Piece By Piece' Album Is An Atomic Age Disaster

Oh, fuck. Here Them! come, out of some toxic 1950s atomic fallout nightmare.
And once Them! are unleashed, they'll literally eat anything in their path, like this bedspring, for instance...
Or these toy airplanes from the 99¢ Store on Fairfax....
Or — oh god!Kelly Clarkson! She's locked in Them!'s sight, and there's truly no escape. At least we'll always have this nuclear disaster ant-vision album cover for Piece By Piece to remember her by. This trash is out March 2.

1. "Heartbeat Song"
2. "Invincible"
3. "Someone"
4. "Take You High"
5. "Piece By Piece"
6. "Run Run Run" featuring John Legend
7. "I Had a Dream"
8. "Let Your Tears Fall"
9. "Tightrope"
10. "War Paint"
11. "Dance With Me"
12. "Nostalgic"
13. "Good Goes the Bye"

Deluxe edition:
14. "Bad Reputation"
15. "In the Blue"
16. "Second Wind"



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